Joining Team Driven

Guidelines for Team Driven

We want to keep things simple here but need to establish a few boundaries as a family.

These are the basic guidelines of TD:
  • Love to Drive, work on, and/or talk about Nissans, Infinitis or Datsuns.
  • Make an effort to participate in Team Driven events. (biweekly meets, show-n-shines, BBQs, etc.)
  • Stay active by logging in at least once a year on our member exclusive, Team Driven forums.
  • Don't be "stupid". Burning out, Drifting , Showboating at car events, on city streets, etc. (We're grown up now)
  • No Street Racing! (No exceptions! Take it to the TRACK!.)
  • Arguments and Fighting will likely keep you out of the team and events if it disrupts the normal flow of Team Driven.
  • No member is to touch or “mess” with fellow members ride without permission of the owners.
  • Be an active part of the crew, from helping plan events to just helping  out each other.
  • MOST IMPORTANT, Have fun being part of the TD FAMILY. That's why we're all members to begin with.

We don't intend to be pushy with rules but we do like order and enjoy our time together with no hassles.

Failure to abide by these ideals will be dealt with individually.

We strive to have a 'drama free' environment at every event and gathering that we organize, big and small.

One Simple concept should cover it all:
"Respect each other."

Now that you've read through all that, you're ready to tell us a little about yourself.

Send us your application

Drop us an email at