BoardPaq Vs BoardMaps – Precisely what the Difference?

When looking for table software, you might be wondering should you buy BoardPaq or BoardMaps. Both are cloud-based board software solutions that enable you to keep track of all your board documents in a single place. BoardPaq allows you to divided job responsibilities between administrators, mail important notifications, and develop remarks. In addition , you can easily break up your work among directors and group paid members, and BoardPaq includes a strong plank computer software library.

The best part of both equally BoardPaq and it is sister product, BoardMaps, is they are both easy to use. Both items include a web based interface and easy-to-manage articles. BoardPaq’s user-friendly design is definitely intuitive and allows administrators to easily separated operate tasks between directors and send notices. BoardPaq’s Platform Builder likewise allows users to publish documents in real-time and edit these people on the spot. BoardPaq’s Minutes Designer enables facilitators to keep track of guests, record promises, and more. Equally applications happen to be accessible coming from any machine and can even always be accessed offline.

The biggest big difference between BoardPaq and the different software is the security level. BoardPaq offers large security and confidentiality of materials published to the support. The program also offers fingerprint IDs, personal access, and two-factor authentication to make certain your data is protected. You may also customize secureness settings to match your individual needs. If you are not assured about protection, you can speak to the support team of BoardPaq for more information about how functions.